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Flipper Finders Boat and Sea Kayak Tour Co.

is a full-service adventure outfitter for guided inshore charters near Charleston, South Carolina.  You’ll find us at the edge of the beautiful Folly River- a short walk from Folly Beach.  Most tours encounter a variety of wildlife including bottlenose dolphin, shore birds, sharks, turtles, crabs, and starfish.  Let one of our knowledgeable guides show you and your group this amazing ecosystem.

We are the only boat and kayak tour shop conveniently located near downtown Center Street on Folly Beach. We offer guided boat and sea kayak tours for groups of all ages and skill levels.

Join our friendly guides as you explore the creeks of the Folly River and learn about the coastal ecosystem of South Carolina.

Meet our Team

Charlie Hagler


Ever hear of Todd Ballentine, a lowcountry naturalist that lives and breathes Hilton Head ecology? No worries if you haven't because theres a good chance you'll get to meet Charlie Hagler, another Hilton Head native who probably has pluff mud cruising through his veins. Being born into the Southeastern seas of the US Charlie set out on his own to discover the icy seas of the Northwest. A natural born guide he no doubt found himself leading trips in Resurrection Bay of Alaska and San Juan Island in Washington state. He's an absolute joy on the water. With Charlie you'll find yourself discovering the delicate intricacies within the salt marsh fused with all the best stories any good waterman has stashed away in his memory.

Dan Yost


You know what Dan rhymes with? Man. Dan is the man. I'm sure a lot of people attempt to say that about their personal friends named Dan, Stan, and Fran (who can resist a good rhyme) but it is fact that this Dan, Dan Yost, is the man. His knowledge of the lowcountry waterways and their associated ecology is a tough treat to beat, his jovial laugh only makes paddling the creeks that much better. Dan loves the lowcountry coastal landscape and all that it has done for his life so much that he created a non-profit called Y2O (youth to ocean) giving all kids in Charleston, no matter their demographic, the opportunity to experience the benefits of life on the water. A tour with Dan will leave you feeling delighted and eager to be the best person you can be.

Kate Barattini


Kate is a friendly surfer and thrives in saltwater. When she graduated the College of Charleston with a Geology degree she decided the best career path she should take would be the river's path. She has been a guide at Flipper Finders for 5 years and we are ever grateful for her endless stoke and positivity. After a tour with Kate you'll want to take on the world as you will most likely be charged with new energy. We must caution that her excitement about her estuarine home is quite infectious and will spread. If you find yourself in need of another dose of Kate you're sure to find her and all 10 toes on the nose in the surf of Folly Beach or another one of our 35 alluring barrier islands. You can also find her slinging drinks for thirsty Folly folks at The Drop In on Center St.

Makenna Perry


Whoa. Thats most likely what you'll say after firmly planting your feet back on dry land from one of the most engaging, lighthearted and adventurous paddles with the one and only Makenna Perry. She's one-of-a-kind as they just don't make 'em like her too often these days. Her smile permeates joy and her passion for life extends from the microscopic all the way to the infinite edge of the universe. Not a day goes by that we aren't thankful this Tennessee mountain woman rambled her way down to the flat and soggy lowcountry to share her ever expanding knowledge of our local ecology and its impact on the rest of the living planet. If you don't find yourself saying "whoa" after a paddle with her you'll surely say it after you witness her and fellow bandmates of local sensation Sunflowers and Sin generate the finest tunes.

Richard Brendel


Captain Richard "Dicky" Brendel is home when he's on the Folly River. He's a longtime waterman, USGC certified Captain, avid surfer, and quick with a one-liner that will definitely make you grin or at least stare at him with curiosity. He loves his salt marsh estuarine home and has a passion for sharing it to anyone asking for a look. When he's not on the water you can find him consulting with local musicians and entrepreneurs or cutting a fine rug on a Folly Beach dance floor. Richard's heart is overflowing with good, salty, love and you'll be lucky to feel that even for just a 2 hour tour.

Sean Miller


Captain Sean Miller is our newest guide but here is what we know. He's all around a great guy and to top it all off a great guide. He's soft spoken and sensitive to sunlight but that doesn't keep him from safely basking in its glow and telling all who join him on the water the magic of our lowcountry salt marsh.

Weatherly Meadors


May we introduce shop manager, master naturalist, marine scientist, and Captain Weatherly Meadors. A jane of all trades with a sweet sense of humor and quick wit will undoubtedly offer one of the most inimitable tours in the Charleston area. A Charleston native, Madam Meadors has a well versed history of the civil and physical landscape matched with a Masters degree of Biological Science from the College of Charleston you're sure to have all queries explained in a way your brain cannot help but absorb and savor. When Weatherly isn't on the water she'll be picking guitar strings or...who are we kidding...she'll be keeping the rest of us in line.

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