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Afternoon Boat Tour

Adult Ages 13+
Children Under 12 years old
Infants Under 2 years old
Private Charter
Up to 12 people
Additional person Up to 18
Extra hour
Group Rates Available for over 6 people

Navigate the waters behind Folly beach

Get on board as we explore the creeks and marshes behind Folly beach while we search for the wild Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins that live here year round. Your experienced captain will tell you about this beautiful ecosystem, the local history and our famous dolphins while always operating the vessel to be safe and respectful of the resident wildlife.

During the tour, be on the lookout for strand feeding, a dolphin hunting technique unique to this part of the world. You will explore these backwaters and navigate to historic Morris Island, where you can hunt for fossils and sand dollars.


Charleston Afternoon Boat Tour

Step aboard and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Charleston, SC, as we traverse the creeks and marshes behind Folly Beach. Our tours offer a unique opportunity to discover the wild Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins that call these waters home all year round. Guided by our knowledgeable captain, you’ll learn fascinating facts about the local ecosystem, history, and our delightful dolphin residents while ensuring we respectfully interact with the local wildlife.

One of the tour highlights includes witnessing the incredible phenomenon known as strand feeding. This is a hunting technique adopted by dolphins, exclusive to this region. Predominantly observed between July and September, this spectacle provides a unique insight into the survival strategies of these magnificent creatures. In addition to learning about the resident wildlife, our tour takes you on an exciting exploration of the backwaters, leading you to the historical treasure trove that is Morris Island. Our Folly Beach tours provide an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature, delve into local history, and engage with the enchanting wildlife of Charleston, SC. Perfect for families, solo adventurers, and groups alike, our tours aim to provide an insightful, respectful, and thrilling experience to all.

So, ready to navigate the mesmerizing waters behind Folly Beach? Hop on board and join us on an unforgettable journey where natural beauty, historical intrigue, and the grace of wild dolphins come together to create a truly unique adventure. Get ready to marvel at the wonders of Charleston’s wildlife and make memories that will last a lifetime. See you on board!