Specialty Tours & Events

Large groups and wedding parties: Looking for something to do with a large group?

Our excursions are perfect for a large family outing, company team building, camps and school groups, and wedding/ bachelorette/bachelor groups! Our naturalist guides will be sure to entertain and educate while taking you on an experience you won’t forget. Give us a call or send an email for more information.

Specialty Tours

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  • Enjoy a long walk down Morris Island with one of Flipper Finders Naturalist Guides. We take you by boat to whichever end of the Island puts the wind at your back and then drop you off with one of our guides. Hunt for sharks’ teeth, fossils, obscure beach debris, and learn about the history of Morris Island. (You walk several miles on this tour so make sure everyone in your group is willing and able.) Tours last approximately three hours. Tide dependent.

    Small Group (2 -6): $360
    Large Groups (6 -11 max): $500 

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  • Get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a bike ride on secluded Morris Island. This is our favorite thing to do! We ride bikes the length of Morris Island in search of sharks’ teeth, and other obscure beach debris. If wind permits, this tour includes passing by historic Fort Sumter. Bikes are provided by our friends at Cool Breeze Bike Rentals. Tours last approximately three to three and a half hours. Tide dependent.

    6 Person Max: $400

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  • Folly Beach is a photographer’s dream. There are plenty of dolphins, birds, landscapes, debris, and boats to shoot. We can be flexible on the time, early morning or dusk. Tours last two hours. Each additional hour is $100.

    Small Group (2-6): $300

    Large Groups (6-11 max): $500 


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  • We specialize in bachelorette and bachelor parties! Jump aboard our 12-passenger Carolina Skiff and let’s get the party started. Cruise the waterways of Charleston, where we find a beach to land the boat. Swim, explore, or just hang out. It’s BYOB and the boat does have a stereo! If you are making matching shirts, make sure to bring one for the Captain so he doesn’t feel left out. It’s suggested that you book for three hours but the tour is priced for two.

    Up to 12 people: $500
    Each additional hour: $100

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  • While we don’t perform weddings, you can hire the boat out to be available at your dockside wedding or to cruise you to a secluded spot to have your wedding. Every wedding is different so please email us at [email protected] for more info.

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  • Time to boost morale at the office? Let’s get out on the water for a boat trip that invigorates your team. If you have a large group, we can always partner with our sister boat tour company. Please email for more information.

Get Creative

If you would like to do something that is not listed on this page, here are the prices:

Small Group (2-6): $300
Large Group (6-11 max): $500 
Each Additional Hour: $100 

Note: We have two boats, so if your group is bigger than 12 but not larger than 18, we can take both boats. If it’s a really big group we can partner with our sister company to accommodate you.