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Morris Island Drop Off

Quick Details

Up to 6 guests

Depending on tides and wind and already booked tours we can drop you off to explore Morris Island on your own. Whether you’re a curious naturalist, history nerd, just love picking up shells or looking for Sharks Teeth or just want to post up away with your beach chair, umbrella and cooler, you will enjoy this magnificent island.


This is a completely self-guided adventure! Your group will be on the island for 3-4 hours, and sometimes longer. You will have the opportunity to explore the island and have fun creating your own experience. We can take you to either the Lighthouse Side or Cumming Point (on the harbor by Fort Sumter) where you can walk one way or half way down the island and back.

Important Information

Please note, because you are away from everything, we are unable to come and get you before your scheduled pickup time. This tour is planned around the pick up’s and drop off’s of other scheduled tours. We will only run this tour if it works out logistically. Please be prepared to be on the island for 3-4 hours.