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Charleston SC Kayak Rentals

Are you planning on exploring the charming city of Charleston, South Carolina, and want to book a kayak rental to discover the natural beauty of the area? Look no further than Flipper Finders for an unforgettable experience on the Folly River. From first-time paddlers to experienced kayakers, our rental options are suitable for everyone. 

Our knowledgeable staff will make sure you have everything you need, including fitted life jackets and paddles, and provide you with valuable tips and instruction to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. We walk you through every step of the way until you are seated in your kayak on the water. Soak up the stunning marsh and river views as you glide down the river with the warm sun on your face. Book your Flipper Finders kayak rental now and discover the breathtaking nature of Charleston, SC!

What You’ll See 

Kayaking on the Folly River with Flipper Finders is a thrilling experience that brings you up close to some of the most fascinating marine life in Charleston, South Carolina. Common sightings as you paddle through the lowcountry, include bottlenose dolphins, loggerhead sea turtles, manatees and a variety of fish and bird species. The Folly River is a stunning waterway surrounded by lush lowcountry foliage and picturesque scenery, making it the perfect backdrop for your paddling adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a newcomer to the sport, renting a kayak with Flipper Finders on the Folly River is an experience you won’t forget!

Single Kayak
2 Hours
4 Hours
24 Hours
Tandem Kayak
2 Hours
4 Hours
24 Hours

Let Us Take Care of Your Gear Needs

We offer kayak and gear rentals from our convenient riverfront facilities located right on Center Street in downtown Folly Beach. Let us provide everything you need for a beautiful day of kayaking on the Folly River. Our knowledgeable staff makes sure that you have the best experience possible.

Our boats are all Perception kayaks designed for paddling in tide-controlled water. All sit on top kayaks are set up for basic fishing. You must provide your own rods, tackle & bait and need a SC Fishing License.You can pick up a saltwater fishing license at our local Walmart on Folly Rd or you can purchase one online at http://don’

Available for rental are:

  • 12 to 13-foot sit-on-tops
  • 14.5-foot sit-on-top tandems
  • 14.5-foot sit-in tandems*

*Only expert kayakers are allowed to rent touring sit-in kayaks.

Flipper Finders has everything you need for a paddling excursion, including:

  • Life jackets*
  • Fitted paddles
  • Transportation
  • Personalized instruction
  • Launch assistance (upon request)

*Life jackets must be worn at all times.

One-day (24 hours) and weekly rentals are available for guests who are staying near or on water access. We deliver!

Get Ready for the Best Kayak Rentals in Charleston!

Unleash Your Spirit of Adventure with Kayak Rentals in Charleston, SC. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Charleston, SC, with a Flipper Finders kayak rental. Let the Folly River’s captivating allure and Charleston’s natural charm create a lasting impression as you paddle through the Lowcountry landscape. With Flipper Finders, your Charleston SC kayak rental experience is guaranteed to be a highlight of your visit. 

Are you looking to add a dash of excitement and a pinch of awe to your Charleston, South Carolina trip? Well, Flipper Finders has got you covered. We are here to offer you a thrilling kayaking adventure down the beautiful Folly River. Whether you’re a pro paddler or a beginner, our kayak rentals are designed to suit everyone. Charleston isn’t just about cobblestone streets and pastel antebellum houses. Its natural grandeur is just as mesmerizing. Our kayaks give you an unparalleled opportunity to bask in the splendor of Charleston’s breathtaking marsh and river views. Picture yourself calmly sailing down the river, feeling the warm sunshine on your face, and drinking in the sights of lush greenery and the exciting flurry of wildlife.

Our friendly, experienced team at Flipper Finders is dedicated to ensuring you have a safe and memorable time on the water. We will kit you out with everything you need, from snug life jackets to sturdy paddles. Plus, we’re more than happy to share our kayaking wisdom and tips to help you make the most out of your paddling adventure. A kayak rental in Charleston, SC is more than just a leisurely paddle—it’s a gateway to nature’s heart. You’ll have the chance to spot some of Charleston’s most amazing marine life, including playful bottlenose dolphins, majestic loggerhead sea turtles, friendly manatees, and a variety of fish and bird species. With a kayak from Flipper Finders, your voyage down the Folly River is bound to be an unforgettable one.

Nestled on Center Street in downtown Folly Beach, our shop is your ultimate destination for kayak and gear rentals. We stock Perception kayaks, designed to tackle the tidal waters with ease. And if you’re a fishing enthusiast, these kayaks are equipped for basic fishing too—just remember to bring your own rods, tackle & bait, and have your SC Fishing License handy. From 12 to 13-foot sit-on-tops to 14.5-foot sit-on-top tandems, and even 14.5-foot sit-in tandems for the experts, we offer a range of options to fit your preferences. We’re flexible with rental periods too, offering one-day and weekly rentals, and for those lucky enough to be staying near the water, we offer delivery!

Choosing Flipper Finders for your Charleston SC kayak rentals means choosing an experience that you won’t forget. With our top-rated gear, knowledgeable staff, and beautiful Folly River location, your paddling adventure is set to be nothing short of incredible. So why wait? Book your kayak rental today and start your unforgettable journey in the breathtaking nature of Charleston, SC.