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Guided Folly Beach Kayak Tours Near Charleston, SC

Due to COVID 19 we are taking precautions to protect our guests and staff. Please book online or call. Kayak tours will meet at the shop where we will give you a life jacket and a social distancing stick (aka a paddle). Instruction will happen in an open area and we will practice social distancing throughout the tour unless additional assistance is needed for safety. If you have any questions or concerns please call or contact us through the website.

Our Folly Beach Kayak Tours

This fun eco-tour will navigate through the brackish estuary behind Folly Beach where you have the opportunity to encounter all the indigenous fauna and flora such as dolphins, crabs, and pelicans all while enjoying our Sit On Top Kayaks! We’ll splash around in the Folly River to beat the heat, so load up on sunscreen and bring a water bottle to explore the scenery!

Best Guided Kayak Tour in Charleston, SC!

Our variety of kayak eco-tours near Charleston, SC navigate through the brackish estuary behind Folly Beach, where you have the opportunity to encounter all the indigenous fauna and flora such as dolphins, crabs, pelicans, and a variety of other birds—it’s the perfect way to experience the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry.

Your knowledgeable and friendly kayak tour guide happily shares family-friendly commentary about the ecology and history of the area as you scan the waters for our local wildlife. Enjoy a morning kayak excursion near Charleston or paddle at sunset with Flipper Finders!

If you are in a party of two to three, please try to book a tour that already has people going out. Groups larger

than 10 should email or call us.

Come see why kayaking near Charleston is best with Flipper Finders!


Charleston SC Guided Kayak Tours

Set out on an exciting eco-kayaking tour that combines exploration, learning, and a close relationship with the natural world. Our guided kayak tours are meant to provide you a memorable, earth-friendly experience. These tours, conducted by professional guides, provide a rare chance to discover beautiful waterways while learning about the local ecosystems and their significance for our planet.

Our eco kayak experiences last for two hours, depending on the destination and schedule. This amount of time gives you plenty of opportunity to paddle over calm waters, find secret coves, and take in the surrounding scenery. Our tours are designed to suit people of all ability levels, whether you’re a novice or an expert kayaker. All throughout the tour, our guides will give instructions and safety briefings to make sure you feel at ease and assured. You can count on receiving top-notch gear when you sign up for our eco kayak excursion. Our kayaks are chosen with care for their sustainable construction, maneuverability, and stability. To assure your safety during the adventure, we also supply personal flotation devices, paddles, and any other necessary safety gear. 

Throughout the tour, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the interconnectedness of our planet’s ecosystems and the vital role they play in maintaining a healthy environment. By immersing yourself in the beauty of nature and learning about its intricacies, you’ll become an advocate for conservation and sustainable practices. You’ll have the chance to see the delicate harmony of marine life up close as you paddle across the water, including viewing local birds in their natural habitats and possibly even playful dolphins or graceful sea turtles. With the aid of our guides, you will be able to recognize many species, comprehend how they behave, and learn why it is crucial to protect these ecosystems for coming generations.

Discover the Folly River: A Kayaking Adventure

Experience an unforgettable kayaking adventure on the Folly River led by our trained experts who will guide you all the way. This eco tour provides a unique chance to uncover the wildlife and history of Folly Beach while relishing in Lowcountry’s unspoiled natural beauty. 

As you kayak through the brackish estuary behind Folly Beach you’ll be surrounded by a thriving ecosystem that houses many indigenous flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled for playful dolphins leaping out of the water crabs scuttling along riverbeds and pelicans gliding overhead- adding more allure to this spectacular scenery! You might also spot other bird species making it even more charming! If kayaking seems daunting or new to you- no fretting involved here; our practiced guides will provide extensive guidance before setting off ensuring that everyone is equipped from basic paddle strokes right down to crucial safety measures as well for maximum fun experience! 

Our guided kayak tour is the perfect way to experience the beauty of the Lowcountry. Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or it’s your first time, we’re here to make sure you have a fantastic time. So come on, grab a paddle and let’s hit the water!