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Full Moon Kayak Tour

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 2 hours

Calendar Capacity: Up to 10 people (Larger groups please call or email)


Paddle Under the Full Moon

Experience the estuary in a whole new light on this evening kayak tour. Paddle through the marsh and let your ears be your guide as you discover dolphins and the myriad of night sounds.

Your guide takes you on a sensory evening paddle and shares their knowledge on the area’s history and wildlife. Enjoy the cool evening breeze as you experience the full moon rising over the water. There’s no other sight like it!

This specialty nighttime tour is offered only a few days a month, subject to the moon cycle. We typically run a tour the day before and the day of the full moon.

Paddle Under the Full Moon in Charleston: An Unforgettable Kayak Tour

Embark on a unique adventure with our evening kayak tour in Charleston. This tour offers a different perspective of the estuary, as you paddle through the marsh under the full moon. The nocturnal sounds of the marsh, including the calls of wildlife and the gentle splash of your paddle, create a unique auditory experience. Your guide, well-versed in the area’s history and wildlife, will lead this sensory evening paddle. As you navigate the waterways, they’ll share interesting facts about the marsh’s ecosystem and its inhabitants. You’ll also learn about Charleston’s rich history, adding an educational element to the tour.

The cool evening breeze provides a refreshing contrast to the day’s heat, making the tour a comfortable experience. One of the highlights of the tour is the sight of the full moon rising over the water, a spectacle that adds a special touch to the experience. This nighttime tour is a specialty offering, available only a few days each month in accordance with the moon cycle. We typically schedule the tour for the day before and the day of the full moon, providing different lunar views.

Join us for this unique kayak tour and experience the estuary of Charleston in a new light. Regardless of your kayaking experience, this tour offers an unforgettable adventure filled with natural beauty, wildlife sightings, and historical insights